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Houston street flooded during Hurricane Harvey

Do you know how the climate crisis often seems too big for ordinary people like us to solve? And you start to question, "can I even make a positive impact at all?"

We understand those feelings of powerlessness because we've felt that way before, markedly three times that led us to launch Livelihood.

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey flooded our neighborhood and family business. We found ourselves feeling powerless amid a disaster, not just an environmental one, but a societal, health, economic, and personal crisis as well. We couldn't do anything to stop the flood, especially with the heavy amounts of deforestation we had seen over the previous decade.

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

In the summer of 2019, we witnessed a self-interested developer pave over fifty-one acres of woods alongside a nearby bayou to build luxury apartments. Keep in mind that this was land that flooded during the hurricane two years prior. As if that weren't enough damage, the developer raised their land by 8 feet, just enough to protect themselves against future floods, but making it worse for the rest of us.

By this time, we felt a deep responsibility to act and help. It would be an understatement to say we were angry. So we reached out to a local non-profit aspiring to donate one hundred trees to our local community to make a difference.

The last time we felt powerless was when we heard we had to donate $19,000 in watering costs alone to the local non-profit to plant one hundred trees in our community.

We felt as if we had just been told we weren't wealthy enough to make any significant contribution to the world, and this crushed us. We wanted to help our city and community, but every road led to the same dead-end, "you don't have enough money to do that."

We didn't want to believe we lived in a world like that, so we refused to believe that people like us couldn't make a difference. We knew others wanted to make a difference too, and if we could just find each other, maybe, just maybe, we could change the world.

We knew others wanted to make a difference too, and if we could just find each other, maybe, just maybe, we could change the world.

That's why we launched Livelihood—to help city-and-nature lovers like you and me make a difference and build a more resilient urban future where city and nature coexist as one. By returning the power of change to your hands, we've been able to make urban tree planting affordable and easy.

Although Livelihood stemmed from anger in November of 2019, we felt a peaceful optimism when we met a community of people like yourself. In your journey, remember that you're capable of making a difference and never alone in your desire; we just hadn't found each other until now.


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